Dragonfly Farms is one of the most wholesome places to celebrate the holidays. I remember as a kid I would go during Halloween and Christmas time with my family to see all of the fun things they had going on.

You probably just know it as a florist shop, but during the holidays they have so many more things to do than just walk in and buy flowers. I wrote about one of their Halloween activities that they had last month that was really cool too.

They put on a hayride and have a bunch of blowups and pumpkins for sale, so it’s time for their Christmas events to start kicking off the holiday season. On Facebook, I saw that Dragonfly Farms posted a flier for a Christmas Open House.


If you go by on the day of the open house, you’ll be sure to get into the Christmas spirit with everyone who makes their way out to this event. Online it says that there are going to be different hot chocolates available, different holiday sweets for sale, a Holiday wreath raffle, and even a holiday tree decorating demo!

I’m sure whoever they pull in to teach the demo is a total professional, so if you’re a holiday lover, you’re totally going to want to check this event out.

If you’re looking to check this out and get into the Holiday spirit, Dragonfly Farm’s Christmas Open House is happening on Saturday, November 26 from 1-6 pm, so you have plenty of time to stop by!

Dragonfly Farms is located at 966 Kuser Rd, Hamilton Township, NJ.

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