Did you know that not only are cicadas annoying, loud and ugly but they give off an awful smell when they die? And they're about to die off... so get ready. 

I just learned today that when they die their shells leave a stench that smells just like roadkill.

The invasion of Brood X has been nothing short of annoying since they crawled up from underneath the ground a few months ago. They are everywhere. They're in the trees, they're covering the sidewalks, they're even attacking people. Princeton, New Jersey has seen the worst of the cicadas. The town has even been dubbed as the cicada capital of New Jersey.

Luckily we have reached the peak of this invasion. According to NJ.com, these awful insects should only be around for two more weeks. By July 4th, New Jersey should be cicada free.

However, we're still going to feel the affects of them for many more weeks to come. Or should I say, the smell.

According to WLWT, dying off is apart of cicadas' mating ritual. Unfortunately when these cicadas start to die off they are going to leave behind a terrible odor. According to Cicada Mania, some people have even described it to smell like a rotten pork roll egg sandwich. They also tend to die off in large masses which makes the smell even more prominent.

"When a lot of them die in the same place, it can “smell like roadkill,” entomologist John Cooley told WLWT. "Get a shovel or a rake and move them somewhere far away.”

So if you live in an area that has been heavily populated with cicadas like Princeton, you might want to pop that face mask back on for a few more weeks.

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