When I saw on Instagram that these milkshakes existed I immediately did my research to find out where they come from and how I could get one. I'm sucker for cool, creative, and fun food creations. Usually you see shakes like these in New York City, but these come from Craftsman Row Saloon in Philadelphia.

These shakes have more than just ice cream and milk. They are perfectly packed and topped with cake, candy, cookies, and more goodies. They also have "adult milkshakes" and your standard milkshakes. Yet once you see pictures of them you'll notice they're not like the milkshakes we're used to seeing.

One of the standout shakes is the one that pays homage to the city the restaurant is in. It's known as the Brotherly Love Milkshake. This milkshake consists of Hershey's chocolate, Peanut Chews, a Tastykake cupcake, a Kandy Kake, peanut butter, and an Amish pretzel stick.

You can watch all the ingredients come together in the video below

Another shake with an awesome name is the Cereal Killa Milkshake. It looks like it would kill my diet, but I'm in.

Now let's get to the "Adult Milkshakes." These are the shakes that have alcohol in them according to their menu:

3 STRIKES YOU'RE STOUT - stout, chocolate liquor

CHERRY LEE LEWIS - cherry vodka, Disaronno, dark chocolate

SALTY DOG - Frangelico, vodka, vanilla, chocolate

JAVA THE HUT - espresso tequila, chocolate liquor, espresso grinds

BANANA FOSTERS THE PEOPLE - banana liquor, butterscotch, caramel

VELVET LUSHred velvet cheesecake, red wine, chocolate liquor

You can see more of their milkshakes on their Instagram Page

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