The man who was filmed shaving recently on a NJ Transit train went viral, and at first, it was fun viral story. Now that he has received so much media attention I now know the real story behind it and it's not so fun.

I saw on that his name is Anthony Torres. The reason he was shaving on the train was because he was cleaning himself up after being in a homeless shelter.

Pete Bentivegna, the passenger on the train who filmed Anthony shaving, released an apology:

"I never intended any harm by taking or posting this video. There has been a lot of licensing interest and all proceeds will be going to support Anthony Torres and his family."

Though the video highlighted a moment Anthony would like to forget, I think there is a silver lining here. Pete's apology noted that any money he has made off the viral video will go to Anthony. Also, a GoFundMe page has been created (known as the Anthony Torres Assistance Fund), and it has already raised over $30,000.

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