My husband and I bought our house last year, and once we were all moved in, we felt like our home wasn't complete until we had a dog. So we adopted our puppy Stella and she is the greatest pup and we love her so much. She just turned one a few months ago and she is a great big sister to our son, she loves to cuddle and she loves to play fetch and tug of war. Every time I bring her to vet, all the techs and vets gush about how amazing she is. She has loved all the extra time she has gotten with our family in the last three months, but she loves to go down the shore to my Dad's house. We were a little concerned because although we had Stella on the Fourth of July last year, we didn't do anything because I was pregnant and my husband was working. This year, we'll be down the shore at my Dad's house and people shoot off crazy amounts of fireworks and I'm not sure how Stella was going to react. I got an email the other day from Rover about dogs and Fourth of July weekend and now I have some tips that I want to share a few with you and maybe they will help your pup too.

  • Stay inside with your dog. If they are outside and fireworks start, they may get scared and actually run. Close the windows and put the air conditioning on if you can. That might help drown out the noise.
  • Snuggle your dog and give them some hugs- I know my girl Stella will love this one. She basically sleeps on top of me every night.
  • Give your dogs some treats or play with them to distract them.Stella will play catch or tug of war anywhere.

These are some good tips to start and if you're really concerned, you can call your vet. They may be able to prescribe you something to help them with their anxiety.

You can see all of the tips on how to get your pup through this Fourth of July weekend here. The article also goes into some more details on why your dog may be frightened by fireworks.

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