Traveling is on everyone’s bucket list nowadays. The only downside of traveling is long drives or flights. One place I’ve never been but would really like to go is Pittsburgh but knowing that the drive from Philly to Pittsburgh is 4 hours makes me think twice about it.

Now there's one thing that has changed my mind about traveling from Philly to Pittsburgh and that's the Hyperloop.

According to, the Pennsylvania Turnpike has approved plans to study the hyperloop which will get you from the City of Brotherly Love to Pittsburgh in only 30 minutes.


It's only a study (for now), but how cool would it be?

Reading Eagle reported that the Hyperloop can possibly travel at 670 mph. It is currently "testing the futuristic travel mode."

It can take the Pennsylvania study 18 months to complete. The study will entail the placement of the Hyperloop, which can be elevated on piers over the turnpike, underground or other options. Reading Eagle also mentioned that while doing the study is being done many scenarios will be looked at to see how this can benefit the state of Pennsylvania.

New York, Ohio and Illinois are amongst the states that will also be testing the hyperloop. It'll be interesting to see how this will change traveling in the future.

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