The Made in America Festival is always something that people in this area look forward to going to. It takes place on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia usually Labor Day weekend and in the past has brought some very big names to the stage.

The line up for this year looks awesome. I think these artists will bring in big crowds as this year is Made in America's 10th year anniversary.

PST has always given out tickets to the show and whoever wins them is usually very excited. Especially with the pandemic, we think this year's will be good for people to enjoy a concert, and Made in America is all outdoors.

6abc just reported that all people attending the Made in America Festival on September 4th and 5th must provide some documents in order to enjoy.

You must wear a mask to the festival, which I think a lot of people are upset about being that the festival is outside. You must show proof of your COVID-19 vaccine, and if you're not vaccinated, you must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Both need to be printed copies and they will be checking all of them when you enter the festival. The negative COVID-19 test needs to be within 48 hours of the festival.

To be quite honest, I have no problem doing these things. I want to keep myself and my family safe, so I will do whatever is required to have fun. I am also vaccinated, so I think people who aren't vaccinated will find this a pain in the butt.

With crowds, and singing and screaming comes droplets. Droplets get spread and if someone has COVID and is not showing symptoms, they can easily spread it to others.

Maybe this is the kind of push that everyone needs in order to get vaccinated? I think more and more concerts and venues will start doing the same thing. I don't think any artist or venue wants to be responsible for another COVID-19 outbreak.

Made in America is making a great choice. If you are attending, I would make sure you're on top of getting your COVID-19 test or vaccination. Don't wait till the last minute. I hope all who are attending have a wonderful and safe time.

More info in this article from 6abc and at Made in America's website.

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