Hamilton man, Dan Vojtasko, is a hero. He's not a doctor or a nurse, but, he's making sure they get to work safely during the snowy weather lately, according to the Trentonian's Jeff Edelstein.

Vojtasko doesn't have to be out in the snow...he's not an essential work, or a plow driver, as Edelstein points out, he's just a guy with a jeep, who wants to do good and help out. During the last big snowstorm in our area, Vojtasko spent two days becoming a volunteer Uber drive basically for any and all medical workers who were having trouble getting to work on their own, and boy, there were a lot of them.

Vojtasko told Jeff Edelstein, “I’ve probably given over 100 rides to medical professionals. Mostly to hospitals, a lot to Capital Health and Robert Wood Johnson. And then there were a few people who called me who just needed groceries, so I also went out and helped them.

He continued, "With the pandemic and everything, I really just think the world needs people who are giving back. It gives me a really good feeling to give back to anybody. And anyone can do it, it doesn’t have to be giving someone a ride. Something as simple as holding a door, or picking up something someone dropped. Just the basics, the kindness the world needs to get back to.”  I agree.

Voljtasko began giving medical workers rides to work many years ago, while living in Maryland with his then wife, who was a nurse. He said it felt right, something good to do for the community." Awesome, just awesome. I'm glad you continued doing it.

We need more of him, in the world, don't we?

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