Seems like some people have some words for the Governor of New Jersey. Phil Murphy was sought after by two women while him, and his family of a wife and four children, were eating outside this past weekend.

It seems that the obvious Trump supporters found it hypocritical that he was eating out after issuing new restrictions on indoor eating and called Gov. Murphy “a d**k” and hurled F-bombs at him. According to TMZ, one of Murphy’s children went far enough to ask if the two women were drunk. Some ugly stuff went down for sure!

Murphy is certainly getting his share of backlash for the new COVID-19 related restrictions him and many other governors of other states have enforced. Even the police aren’t having it, saying they won’t respond to reports of people breaking the rules.

According to TMZ, Murphy addressed the situation at Monday's press conference saying "I'm a big boy. Thick skin. It doesn't impact me at all and I think I can say the same thing for my wife." However Murphy make one request ... keep his kids out of it.

While I can understand why the two women would be upset that their governor is breaking violations that he himself enforced, he also is not really doing that. He isn’t eating in doors, he is eating outside. While it’s definitely up for question whether he should be eating out to begin with, when he could easily bring the food home and have a nice safe dinner inside with his family, its nothing worth accosting him for.


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