Is an Amazon retail store being planned for Hamilton Township? Jersey Digs thinks so.

I just read the article that says a retail building is being proposed near the intersection of Route 33 and Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road (1170 Route 33), and it looks like it may be an Amazon retail store...or may not be.

Jersey Digs got a hold of the documents released before the Hamilton Township Planning Board meeting tomorrow night (Thursday, March 11th), and there's a computer drawing of a 40,000 square foot store, from McGillin Architecture Inc., being called "Project Mendel - Hamilton" which looks a lot like the Amazon Fresh grocery store that opened last fall out in Los Angeles. Hmmm....interesting. The new retail store would be 40,000 square feet, and the Amazon Fresh grocery store in Irvine, California, is also 40,000 square feet. Coincidence? Again, maybe, maybe not.

The article also points out that other news sources like the Washington Business Journal have used the names "Project Mendel" and "Mendel's Grocery" when reporting about new Amazon grocery stores. Now this is really getting interesting.

Jersey Digs reached out to Amazon for comment, and didn't get very far, with company spokesperson, Laura Hayes saying, “Amazon doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation." I can't wait to see how this plays out.

If you'd like to hear this discussed (maybe you'll get more clues), make sure to attend the Hamilton Township Planning Board Meeting tomorrow night (Thursday, March 11th). It will be on Zoom, beginning at 6pm. Click here for the Zoom link.

For more information, and to see the proposed retail store's plans, click here.

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