I am probably one of the many people that is kind of over this summer already because there isn't much to do. I never in a million years thought I would want to rush summer but this year I do. So, why not get into the Christmas spirit already?

Check this out, the Hallmark Channel is trying to get you into the Christmas spirit already and I think that is just fine. Delish.com recently reported that the Hallmark Channel announced the release of their new Christmas-themed wine.

If you got ahead of yourself and are thinking, "I can do Christmas in July with some Hallmark wine" you may want to pump the breaks on that a little. According to delish.com, the Hallmark Christmas themed wine is good to go for pre-order to get them delivered to you this October.

The names on these wines will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. Your wine options are "Joy" and "Jingle." The "Jingle" wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon and the "Joy" wine is the fruitier option, a Sauvignon Blanc.

If you are really looking forward to getting some of these wines you may want to pre-order as soon as you can because some of these bottles may not get to you in time. We learned from Delish.com that just a short amount of supply will be bottled in time for the holidays.

You'll be able to get the wine bottles in different package sizes. The options are a 2 pack, 4 packs, 6 packs, or even a big case of 12. That is a good amount of wine that can cost you anywhere from $28 to $168, not including shipping.

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