Halloween is on a Tuesday this year and it has me thinking, should we celebrate a different day? Don't get me wrong, I love all things Halloween and take it upon myself to celebrate the holiday every day during the month of October, so I’m not being a holiday hater.

Halloween is all about having fun when the sun goes down and I think everyone should be able to enjoy the holiday for the entire night and not have to stress about the next day!

This raises the question of, whether we should make it a rule to celebrate Halloween the weekend before or after in New Jersey.


I don’t want to give anyone any stale memories of Halloween 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, but should we implement this rule from now on?

I remember as a kid, Halloween was one of the nights a year I got to stay up with my friends late and eat candy. The worst part about it was 9/10 times, we always had school the next day, so the festivities had to be cut short!


Having that well-needed rest day after a holiday is always amazing. We get it for Christmas and Thanksgiving, so why not Halloween? This could be me being a total freak for Halloween, but having the chance to go out trick or treating with your family or throwing a Halloween party would be so much more fun if everyone wasn’t out on a time limit! Or do you think it would ruin the spirit of Halloween?

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