The popular Hamilton Farmer's Market in the Mercerville Shopping Center on Route 33 is closed, but, don't worry, it's not for good.

I came upon a post in a private Hamilton community Facebook group from a woman who was sad to see it was closed went she went to grab some fresh veggies recently. She wondered if anyone in the group knew anything about the what seemed like a sudden closure. Others shared her disappointment at the news.

Another group member, who seemed like she frequented the farm market said she had spoken to one of the cashiers and it was revealed that changes are coming soon.

There are new owners of the farm market. They plan on renovating it and opening it back up in a few weeks. That would explain the current closure. No word on an exact date for the reopening.

Many were excited at the renovation news, saying the place was in need of a cleanup. Others hoped the new owners would still have the fresh bread, international sections (Polish, Spanish), and the same beautiful flowers that the current market had. I felt badly for one guy in the group who said he had to find a new place fast to get his Valentine's Day flowers. Lol. That's cute. The flowers must be really pretty. I'll have to remember that. I love fresh flowers.

I'll let you know when I hear anything about the Grand Reopening.

I love Farm Markets...I'm going to have to check out this new one.

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