To Farrah Mejia, a Hamilton Township (Mercer County) resident, the crisis in Ukraine is much more than just something on the news. It's deeply personal and she's desperate for the community's help.

You may not realize there are 100,000 orphans in Ukraine. The Mejia family took in two Ukrainian orphans recently and hosted them for a month (December 16th - January 18th) through International Host Connection. Farrah told Chris & the Crew that the minute the children stepped off the plane, she fell in love with them. A 12 year girl and 10 year old boy instantly became a part of their family. They have a 5 year old sister, who had to stay behind because she's too young.

Farrah Mejia
Farrah Mejia

Just as tensions were mounting, the children were forced to go back to Ukraine because the visa program was only for 4 weeks. The Mejias were terrified to let the children go, but, had no choice. The children are supposed to come back to the U.S and the Mejias on June 18th for 12 weeks, but, now, who knows what will happen.

When the children left to go back to Ukraine, the Mejia family gave the children tablets to take with them so they could stay in touch until they returned in June. Since the Russian invasion, Farrah stays awake at night, because when it's nighttime here, it's daytime in Ukraine, hoping for messages from the children, which haven't come for a few days.

Farrah did hear from the children when the fighting began. The message was short but clear, "Mom, we're at war." A second message came a few days later that read, "Mom, we are ok." Can you imagine a 12 year old and a 10 year old going through this without a family, hiding in the basement of an orphanage with dirt floors? Then, the most heartbreaking email came. It said, "Mom, please don't cry." The children knew how upset Farrah would be, knowing what was going on all around them.

Farrah and her family desperately need your help to help the orphans of Ukraine. There will be a fundraiser on FRIDAY, MARCH 18th from 5:30pm - 9:30pm at the VFW, located at 77 Christine Avenue, in Hamilton Township. There will be food, drinks, dancing, a Tricky Tray, cigars for sale, and lots more fun.

The Mejias are still in need of more food and beverage donations for the event. Please help if you're able.

You can BUY TICKETS HERE. You can also buy tickets at the door. Tickets are only $40.

All money raised will go to International Host Connection for evacuation efforts, food, medical supplies, transportation, clothing...everything needed for the immediate support of the children.

You can also donate directly to International Host Connection, by clicking HERE or Venmo the Mejia family (@farrah-mejia-2), who will give the money to International Host Connection.

Follow Farrah Mejia on Facebook HERE for updates on the children.

I'm praying for the safety of these children.

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