It's so nice to see the community coming together to help a country in desperate need.

Madame Cupcake Shop in Hopewell is doing what they do best to help the people of Ukraine....baking.

Do you like cupcakes? Of course you do, who doesn't? Well, this adorable cupcake shop on Railroad Place is baking cupcakes and other treats, like meringue lollipops and bags of meringue, with the Ukrainian flag or the colors of Ukraine, which are blue and yellow. Take a look below. Don't they look delicious? My mouth is watering. Go grab some for you and your family or friends and help out.

When you buy any of the special treats two things will happen. First, you'll have the most delicious treats, which will definitely have you wanting to go back for more, and second, you will be making a donation that will go directly towards helping the Ukrainian people.

The owner of the bakery, Tatiana Tedesco, is Polish so this is personal for her. In case you didn't know, Poland and Ukraine are neighboring countries. She wanted to do anything she could to help during this awful time.

I chatted with Tedesco, who told me that 50% of the profits from all the special Ukraine baked goods will go to a Polish organization that is buying medical equipment for Ukrainians in need and helping sick children escape the Russian invasion and get to safety in Poland. Click here for more information on this wonderful group. You can also make a cash donation at the shop.

Please stop by and help her help them.

Madame Cupcake Shop specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, push pops, French macaroons, dessert tables, and more. Check out the website here.

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