Princeton ice cream hot spot, the bent spoon, in Palmer Square, has joined in the efforts to help the people of Ukraine, according to Facebook, by doing what they do best...making the most unique ice cream around.

I can't wait to try their homemade "Khrustyky Ice Cream."  Yes, Khrustyky, the cookie. My husband's Polish grandmother made them all the time, and we would eat them by  the handful. Lol. They're sooo good. Not only is Khrustyky popular in Poland, but, Ukraine as well.

You may not know this, but your favorite ice cream shop can also bake some tasty treats, so they whipped up some of Ukraine's most loved cookie from a family recipe, and made magic, turning the cookies into a sweet treat...a pink sour cream and beet ice cream, like only the bent spoon can.

It's available now. They've packed it into pints and are selling them for a $15 donation. They want to make as much money as possible to help those in need. Every penny from the sale of the ice cream will go to World Central Kitchen. It's a win/win. You eat this delicious ice cream and the people of Ukraine will get much needed food.

Bake for Ukraine is a movement where pastry chefs and bakers around the world are coming together and baking to help feed the people of Ukraine during this time of crisis. They're essentially creating a worldwide bake sale with the proceeds going to organizations helping those in need.

It's warming up this weekend to spring-like temperatures. Grab some Krustyky ice cream before it's sold out.  The bent spoon would certainly appreciate your support in helping the people of Ukraine.

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