At the Philadelphia Phillies home opener, many frontline heroes were honored during the game. Many of those frontline heroes that were shown on TV during the Phillies' home opener still have their faces hanging on small banners around the Citizens Bank Park.

Amongst those frontline heroes that are being honored on banners around the Citizens Bank Park, you will find a principal from a school in Mercer County. According to Trenton Monitor, Dr. Jason Briggs from St. Gregory the Great Academy is a frontline hero that is being honored and his banner is being displayed right outside of the ballpark.

We learned from Trenton Monitor that Dr. Jason Briggs was one of the 41 frontline heroes that were on the baseball field right before the Phillies took on the Braves at the very first game of the season.

Dr. Briggs is extremely humble and told Trenton Monitor, "It’s not me, it’s the whole team.” It was also stated that Dr. Briggs "insists his hero status should be a group recognition."

This just shows exactly why many people around him nominated him as a frontline hero for the Philadelphia Phillies and his smiling banner deserves to be right outside of the Citizens Bank Park.

A few days before the opening game we had shared on the 94.5 PST website that a few other frontline workers from Bucks County were also honored during the Philadelphia Phillies game.

All frontline workers will forever be honored for all of their hard work before and during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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