I've gotta say, there's nothing better than kicking back after a long week with a nice glass (or bottle) of wine. Wine is probably my preferred drink, and I love having it by itself or with my dinner. I'm definitely a white wine girl myself, but I do like sangria, which can be made with red or white wine.

Today is National Red Wine Day! According to a survey, red wine is the most popular kind! I was actually shocked by this because white wine spritzers, and Rosé wine are extremely trendy right now! I know tons of my friends that are into both! But the survey said that red wine is the number one favorite, followed by white wine, then sparkling wines like prosecco (which is also very trendy), and then last is Rosé and dessert wines.

So let's see what our poll finds is everyone's favorite wine, shall we? After you vote, go ahead and have a glass of wine of your choice! Celebrate anyway!

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