Ax throwing has become one of the best weekend attractions lately and Stumpy’s Hatchet House is bringing more of it to our area. reported that another location will be opening up in New Jersey later this month. This location is actually going to be right here in Mercer County.

The two couples that started the hatchet-throwing for Stumpy's Hatchet Hosue told that they created the game after Hurricane Sandy by throwing axes at the logs of downed trees and later added a bullseye to the logs. In the first year, the couples, Stuart and Kelly Josberger and Mark and Trish Oliphant, managed to make about $1 million in sales, and since then, other businesses have jumped on this idea, according to

Some may think this is too dangerous, but others may like the challenge and competitiveness of it. Eric Kilroy told, “Think of it as darts on steroids, but with a hatchet.” reported that the latest location will be located at 745 Alexander Rd. in Princeton and is set to open on November 23. Time to plan a date night or friends night out!

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