Just in time for Halloween, you can own your own haunted island... in Pennsylvania for just $20,000!

Have you ever thought about owning your own island? I know I have. I would be on the island living like a king.

"Getter's Island" — which is allegedly haunted — is listed for sale in Easton, Pennsylvania with a price tag of just $200,000.

"Getter's Island" — The Third Most Haunted Place in Easton, PA — Is For Sale

To make matters very interesting, Getter's Island is the third most haunted place in Easton, Pennsylvania, according to the ad on Zillow.

'THE HANGING OF CHARLES GETTER" took place on this island in the 1830s, Zillow says. Apparently, that's what makes it haunted.

With that being said, would you want to own this island? What about just taking a quick day trip? I know I would not.

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