As much as I love the Jersey Shore, you should know, that it equally terrifies me. I'm not scared of a good time or relaxing by the ocean, but I am freaked out by what lives in it. I can handle being on land, but when I'm in the ocean ... I panic ... sometimes. That's the home of other creatures.

This is what usually happens when I'm brave enough to go in the water: I get to a point where I'm treading water and silently freaking out that I can't see what's below me. Also, I'm praying that nothing attacks me. I know it's a little extra, but I do try to have a good time!

So just know I was thrilled to see a recent video posted on that cownose rays have been seen swimming around the Jersey Shore. According to the video, it said cownose ray's pectoral fins are often mistaken for shark fins. They're considered to be calm and harmless, but they do but have a stinger to protect themselves.

Watch the video below to learn more about them and to see why they're vacationing at the Jersey Shore

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