Another week means another hyped up forecast that’s starting to go viral about a chance at big snows in Philadelphia.

There is the potential that you could be shoveling (a LOT) of snow next week at this time.

Here's what we actually know: 


Computer guidance suggests that a storm will target our area next weekend (with the bulk of the precipitation falling on Sunday).

“This set up is a classic one that has the potential to produce big snows in the East,” Channel 6’s Cecily Tynan wrote midday Monday. “The devil is in the details: exact track and strength have yet to be determined.”

A track further west would pull in warmer air meaning we’d see more of a mixture of rain and snow, and a track farther east could mean a blockbuster snowstorm, according to forecasters.

“All we can say is it’s worth watching,” Townsquare Media New Jersey's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow told us early Monday.

However, "the potential exists for heavy rain, snow, and/or mixed precipitation with this system," the National Weather Service wrote Monday morning.

Don't forget: next weekend is a long weekend for many, as Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday (January 21). So this could disrupt the travel plans for MANY of us.

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Before that, there’s a storm system that will bring some light precipitation to our area overnight Thursday.

Temperatures will be a little warmer, so it’s possible that it could be a mixed bag of wintry weather. But, stay tuned, as Friday morning’s commute could become a rough one, Zarrow warns us.

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Meanwhile, we’re in for COLD AIR starting next week. Forecasters across the board agree that regardless of next weekend’s storm, cold air is knocking on our doorstep for next week (and beyond).

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“We are in for several weeks of generally colder than average temperatures,” Cecily Tynan explains. “This, along with an active southern jet, will bring us more opportunities for snow as we head through the end of the month and February.”

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