There's no better way to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day than with a heart-shaped pizza. They're so cute, and who doesn't love pizza? Bring your Valentine one of these and you'll WIN Valentine's Day.

When it comes to pizza places you can order one from in Mercer County, there's no shortage. There are probably even more than the ones on this list, but, this is a good start.

Since Valentine's Day is during the week this year you may be opting to stay in and celebrate. But, that doesn't mean you can't stick to the romance theme. These heart shaped pizzas will give you those Valentine's Day vibes. I think they're sooo cute.

I would love if my husband brought one of these home. Hint, I would think you would get some instant brownie points.

You could even have a heart shaped pizza delivered to your Valentine at the office. Check with these shops to see if any of them will deliver.

Are you single but still love Valentine's Day (you don't have to hate it)? Order a heart shaped pizza for yourself and watch some Netflix.

Oh my gosh, you could also order a few of these for you and your friends to celebrate Galentine's Day. I love this idea. Heart shaped pizzas aren't just for couples. I love this idea.

This would be a fun Valentine dinner idea for your kids, and you won't have to cook. It's a win/win.

Check out the list below. Enjoy.

Where to Find Heart Shaped Pizza for Valentine's Day in Mercer County, NJ

These heart-shaped pizzas are sure to turn up the romance for your Valentine's Day. I did the research for you, and I found a few local places that are offering them. I'd order early if I were you. Your Valentine will love it.

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