If you had plans to be Gritty for Halloween this year, you might be asking yourself why you can't find a costume online or in any Halloween stores.

Well, that's because the Flyers own copyright to their mascot. So you're not going to find a costume anywhere.

Don't give up that easy, here are some ways to make your very own Gritty costume.


Your journey to becoming Gritty this Halloween will begin at a Fabric Store.

Joann Fabrics is a good spot to go for any fabrics you may need to get crafty with your Halloween costume.

Get yourself some fuzzy orange fabric to create the base of your Gritty Suit.



You've built the orange fuzzy jumpsuit.

Maybe you'll even make a better entrance than Vanessa Hudgens when she showed up to the set of the Jimmy Fallon show wearing (a less furry) orange jumpsuit.

Now, adding on to the base. You'll want to make Gritty's head.

Ardia Dayton, who owns Character Translations Inc. came up with a great idea for the face of the costume.

Dayton suggests building the face on a bucket or other cylinder that can fit on your head. Put some Orange Fabric around the cylinder along with some black fabric to create a large open smile, and pink fabric to create the tongue.


Want people to swipe right on your Halloween Costume?

Well, accessorizing is your sure way to make your gritty costume pop. And while it seems that many Philadelphia residents are going forward with this costume idea, this is your chance to stand out of the crowd and perfect the details.

You'll need

  • A flyers Jersey
  • A black helmet (to place over the cylinder head)
  • Large googly eyes
  • Pillows to make a large, shareable stomach within your body suit.

|The Energy| 

You've built the appearance of the costume, now you need to fit the part.

Gritty has a belly button that squeaks. To imitate this, Dayton suggests tying a dog toy around your stomach.

Lastly, you'll need some music. Your Gritty needs to be able to pump up the crowd. Bring some audio speakers with you, maybe even downloading some sounds of a crowd cheering.

Happy Halloween Flyers fans!

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