Growing up in Central New Jersey, I've always known the night before Halloween was called Mischief Night. October 30th was more of the "trick" part of the holiday while October 31st was more of the "treat."

Mischief Night is when all the kids that are too old to go trick-or-treating play pranks around the neighborhood. Cars usually get egged, houses get covered in toilet paper and the ring-and-run prank comes out to play. Unfortunately. my car got egged before and it was bad. It was kind of like an egg drive-by because I parked on the street and not the driveway. I learned the hard way. That great memory got me thinking though, is Mischief Night just a tradition in the Tri-State area?

I did a little research and saw that in some parts of America, October 30 is actually known as the Devil's Night and Cabbage Night, but the most surprising thing is some states don't even have a name for it. You can see in the map below.

Credit: Joshua Katz, Dept. of Statistics from North Carolina State University

So I have to ask, what do you call October 30th? Mischief Night or the Devil's Night?

According to The article I saw about this particular night, the term "Mischief Night" is only really used in New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.

In fact, the majority of Michigan knows it as the Devil's Night, but the article also pointed it out that another name is Cabbage Night (you can get the explanation on that here).