You may have thought that being an extra on the set of, "Joker," would be all fun and games. Well, think again. The Batman film recently stopped in Brooklyn, New York for some filming, and the extras on set didn't have a great experience to say the least.

That's unless you're looking to get trapped in a subway car for hours without getting a break to go to the bathroom.

According to TMZ,  the extras were not given their guaranteed break after over two hours of filming. They requested to leave the train cars, and even banged on the Subway doors but were not let out to even use the bathroom. Some extra's decided to urinate between the train cars onto the track.

A complaint was issued to the Screen Actors Guild in hopes of arriving at a solution to the problem, a source told TMZ.  Meanwhile, the source says that the Guild will be monitoring future sets to ensure this won't be happening again.

The "Joker" set recently filmed in Jersey City, where set extras had no reported problems going to the bathroom, (unless they had some other personal issues going on)

Hopefully this crappy situation gets resolved by the time filming makes it's way to Newark this weekend.

Regardless, your 15 minutes of fame comes at the stake of being on set for up to 12 hours this weekend, so I hope you are prepared for a long day. Stay hydrated, eat, and get some sleep before your big day!







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