The holidays can be stressful. Just thinking about all the things that come with the months of November and December is enough to give someone an aneurism. The party planning, the gift shopping, and the traveling alone take up a lot of energy. Then you add in the fact that you have to deal with relatives you have been avoiding all year, plus striving to meet the end of the year goals at work. It's a lot. It can burn anyone out.

A survey was recently done to determine when exactly each state reaches its breaking point when it comes to the holiday festivities. This is the moment when the majority of people feel burned out and had enough of partying, drinking, eating, and engaging in various social activities. According to Rehabs, the date that most Pennsylvanians feel burned out is December 13. We are only halfway through the month and we still have two holidays left! How have we burned out already?

Easy answer. Thanksgiving alone was enough to wear anyone out. The night before Thanksgiving, Drunk Wednesday, is one of the biggest partying nights of the year. This Thanksgiving had some of the most travelers to and from the city in years. Then a lot of people celebrated Friendsgiving with their friends. Then we had Black Friday which was a hectic day. All of that and we haven't even reached Christmas Eve yet.

As for New Jerseyians, their burned-out date already came and went. According to Rehabs, the people of New Jersey had enough of the holiday festivities on December 10th.


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