Almost everyone has that moment of weakness at work. You know, where we go on google and search random things for no apparent reason. Well, some of them might not be completely random, especially if they are job related.  According to Zippa, there are some pretty interesting job related searches.

They used Google Trends to find the most interesting searches per state and to be honest, some of them are not surprising. West Virginia has moonshiner, Louisiana has Cajun jobs and Florida has jobs that don’t drug test. But of course, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had some of the most relatable searches.

Are you a boss in Pennsylvania, well, you better make sure that your employees are not asleep on the job! That is one of their most interesting searches: “sleeping at work.” I know there are days where you just do not feel like working and days that you might not be able to keep your eyes open. We have all been there. So maybe there might be a creative way to just shut your eyes for a little cat nap, but definitely do not do that.

But then there’s New Jersey, who had the most New Jersey answer of all. According to Zippa, the people of New Jersey want to know "how to become billionaires" and honestly who could blame them? We all want to be able to afford our most lavish lifestyles, but we might not be able to find that on the internet, or everyone would be billionaires.


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