I was recently watching a Tik Tok video on a woman who set a Guineas World Record for having the largest mouth gape in the world. Her name is Samantha Ramsdell and her mouth gape is two and a half inches. When it's measured across, her mouth is more than 4 inches. I've always been told I had a big mouth, but this is actually unreal.

Ramsdell has been posting videos of her stuffing ungodly amounts of food in her mouth to the point where she has become Tik Tok famous. She has fans from all over the world asking her to shove different foods in her mouth.


Ramsdell has recently been on a journey to find the biggest and best sandwiches in the country so she can see how much of it she can shove in her mouth whole. She recently hit up Brother's Ravioli in Queens, New York where they are specifically known for their big a** subs. This got me thinking of all the restaurants here in New Jersey that sell gigantic portions that she could try next.

I have been on the hunt for the single place in Jersey that has the biggest and baddest subs and I think I have found the one. After reading hundreds of online reviews, asking around to fellow residents and making a few phone calls, it has been determined that Harold's New York Deli in Edison, New Jersey has the biggest subs in the area. Not only that, they are also known for having the biggest pickle bar in the world!

Harold's offers an extra large deli sandwich that can feed up to 8 people. For $81.95 you can get a two meat combination with absolutely anything on it. Now that's a big a** sandwich.

Someone get Samantha to Jersey. We have a new sandwich for her to try.


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