Any free time a seventh-grader has these days is probably used to do homework or watch movies right? Well, that’s not always the case. A seventh-grader from New York is using his free time to help elderly neighbors book their COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Sam Keusch, a tech-savvy 12-year-old, has helped over 1,650 people obtain their vaccine appointments by utilizing his Bar Mitzvah project: “The Vaccine Helper” according to People. Sam said that he originally had the idea for his website after watching his dad help his grandparents book their appointments online. He saw the frustration in their faces when doing so and knew that he could use his skills to help. People reports that with some help from his father, Sam began to create This site allows eligible individuals who are struggling to book appointments a fighting chance to get the vaccine. All that is required is to give Sam the same information needed on the vaccine websites and he will make the appointment for them.

Sam says, “The appointment websites flicker with new appointments periodically, and they often last several seconds before they are claimed, at which point they state there are no appointments. If you're fast enough, and persistent enough, you can get the appointment.” Sam tries to book 3-4 appointments per day but as a 12-year-old still in school, his schedule gets pretty busy.

According to People, Sam’s computer at home has homework on one side of the screen, and appointment bookings on the other. What keeps Sam going you might ask? The ability to reunite families. He says, "I've had people tell me that they finally get to see their grandchildren for the first time. And that's amazing because not being able to see your grandchildren is tough."


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