Your dreams have come true. A Starbucks Daiquiri Frappuccino is officially on the secret menu. And apparently, it is life changing.


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Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

According to Totally The Bomb, the frappuccino is essentially everything you think it is and want it to be. So if you are not a Starbucks fanatic the secret menu is a special menu that the baristas and customers can make together. Some famous secret menu items are the Birthday Cake frap, Apple Pie frap, a Chocolate Pumpkin Spice latte, and so many more to choose from. To order a secret menu item though, you have to order it in a special way.

For example, if you wanna try this Daiquiri Frappuccino, here’s what you order. According to Totally The Bomb, order any size Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, but ask for no water or inclusions. Then, ask for peach juice and strawberry pieces. And most importantly, ask for the frap to be double blended and add strawberry puree to the bottom. If you’re feeling extra, ask for some whipped cream on top.

From what I've heard about this drink, apparently it tastes the same as the Vegas ready-to-go Daiquiri machines. Sometimes the secret menu drinks are hit or miss, like the Unicorn Frap from a few summers ago, but this one seems to be more promising.

What do you think of this drink? Will you be Instagramming a picture of you drinking it or throwing it in the trash? Let us know if you try it!


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