Herr’s potato chips revealed that there are 3 brand new Philly-inspired chip flavors. The famous chip brand revealed that they’re paying tribute to Philadelphia by releasing these brand new flavors that are inspired by the tastes of Philadelphia.

They also released different Philly-inspired flavors last year and they were really good! Last year's flavors that were available in our area for alimited time were 215 Special Sauce, Wiz Wit, and Long Hots.


They called them the Flavored by Philly collection and now this year, they’re bringing it back with 3 exciting new flavors.

The chip company asked fans back in October to start thinking of and submitting flavors for this year’s Flavored by Philly contest and of course, Philadelphians delivered.


If you’re a Philly Foodie, you’re totally going to be obsessed with these. Herr’s posted on their Instagram that this year, the flavors are paying tribute to some of Philadelphia’s favorite local businesses, which I think is amazing.

The first flavor is Korean BBQ Wings based on Mike’s BBQ in South Philly. The second flavor is Tomato Pie based on Corropolese Bakery and Deli’s famous Tomato Pies. Lastly, the final flavor is Roast Pork Sandwich from John’s Roast Pork.


I think it’s so amazing that Herr’s is highlighting these small Philly businesses in a big way. You can try all of these flavors in our area where Herr’s chips are sold and can even vote for your favorite of the three online!

They’re also available online! I can’t wait to try these out myself!

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