Wawa is king in Jersey.

Those from out of the area often scratch their heads as to our obsession with the place.

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"It's just a convenience store with a gas station." Oh no, it's more. Much more.

But is there a like-styled establishment that is better than Wawa?

Some in New Jersey say yes.


Back in the day, there was a time when Wawa was just a store. No gas pumps, just mini-marts with the basics.

Now, Wawas without gas stations are a rarity, and now you can get way more than a simple hoagie. It pained me to type hoagie. It's a sub, but I digress.

Fast forward to today and there's the glorious Wawa touch screen.

This simple screen gives you endless food possibilities.

Mac and cheese, hand-crafted drinks, custom salads, Sizzlis, chicken fingers, and now even burgers and fries.

By the way, they're not bad. And we can't forget the seasonal favorite. Thanksgiving on a roll. The Gobbler.

There's some competition out there. Honestly, Quick Chek was Wawa before Wawa was Wawa up north.

quickchek via Instagram
quickchek via Instagram

While Quick Chek's subs are nowhere near as good as Wawa's, they're nothing to laugh at.

Royal Farms are starting to pop up in Jersey. I haven't tried it yet, but apparently, their chicken is really good.

The other day a friend of mine mentioned that he made a trip west into Pennsylvania and stopped at a place that is "better than Wawa."




Have you ever been to Sheetz?

sheetz via Instagram
sheetz via Instagram

What's the difference?

From what I can tell Sheetz is just a flashy version of Wawa.

Sheetz is big on their original drinks.

They go wild with Swedish Fish and Butterfinger smoothies.

They also have their own line of soda.

I've also heard amazing things about Sheetz’s Mac N Cheese bites with Boom-Boom sauce. I'd give them a try.

This may win many people over. Sheetz is offering gas a $3.99 a gallon through the 4th of July weekend so ease pain at the pump.

It seems this will always be a Pennsylvania vs. Jersey battle that will go on forever. There is even a podcast about it called sheetzvwawa.

It's worth noting that Sheetz has locations to the south and west of Jersey. But, Wawa still reigns supreme with many more locations overall.

I wonder why Sheetz has never taken a chance in Jersey? Actually, the answer to that question is quite simple. #wawaforlife. But Wawa, can we get $3.99 a gallon gas for the holiday weekend? Why don't you really show Sheetz who's boss and do $3.98?

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