Well, here's a pet peeve you can almost only have in New Jersey.

I know this is going to sound extremely “get off my lawn,” but I don’t care. I didn’t realize until today that other people feel the way I do about making conversation at the gas pump.

I don’t mean a quick “how are you today?” “Good thanks. Twenty. Regular. Cash.”

I’m talking about the apparent new trend of sharing your angry thoughts on gas prices with the attendant who is just doing their job. Or ending your “Twenty. Regular. Cash” with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

A user on the New Jersey subreddit who claims to work at a gas station wrote a post that he hears this daily (warning: the language used is NSFW).

Seriously, what point are these people trying to make by being so bitter towards these attendants who have nothing to do with the current atrocious gas prices? They’re just trying to get through the day like the rest of us.


Another Reddit user backed up the first attendant, writing “You wouldn’t believe the amount of crackpots telling me random conspiracy theories — the Pinelands is an odd area.”

Everyone: Just mind your own business!

And for the record, the customers aren’t the only problem. I’ve long wished that conversations would be cut to a minimum during these interactions.

In my experience, sketchy attendants will linger around the cars of female customers who are basically trapped in the conversation until their tank is full.

There are actually gas stations that I’ve stopped going to all together because the attendants were consistently creepy. I’m positive I’m not alone in that.


To avoid weird interactions like this is enough for me to be convinced that we should pump our own gas. There’s no way other states are dealing with this at gas stations with such frequency.

So from one New Jerseyan to another: I beg of you… can we all just mind our own business when filling our tanks? We have enough BS to deal with in this state already, let’s not add to it.

Thank you.

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