Hightstown is having a huge event this weekend to show off everything they have to offer at Exit 8 and all this historic town has to offer.

The event kicked off last night and will conclude on Sunday with so many shops and restaurants participating. There are even free events at certain are area shops throughout the weekend, like at IRL Game Shop who are hosting a D&D Mini Figure & Free Painting Workshop from 11 am to 4pm.

In addition to all this great stuff happening, make sure you look for Bitters & Rye. They are a mobile beverage company based right in Hightstown. They will be handing out mocktails to those walking around and enjoying the event.

There's also live music, yoga, live performances, crafts, tons of shopping and of course delicious food. You can view the entire schedule here on the Downtown Hightstown Facebook Page.

As a proud resident of this area, I am super excited about the event happening this weekend. Hightstown is such a beautiful area and it's been changing a lot over the last few years. There have been stores, restaurants and even a brewery added that have made the area so much more enjoyable than when we first moved to the area.

I think it's good when there are establishments that are staples in a town and those are the places that have been around for generations. However, I do believe that adding new establishments and giving downtown areas a facelift are good too.

Boroughs and townships need to keep up with the times and the changing demographics of certain areas. I do believe Hightstown is on the right track and is doing great with all their additions and doing events like these help residents in Hightstown and surrounding areas see all that the downtown area has to offer.

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