If you've ever gone out to Hoboken with your friends, you know, it's expensive! I'm not saying their boozy brunches and beautiful views aren't a blast, but it's not something we do all the time because of how expensive it can get. You've gotta find yourself a good place with a good deal and maybe go only once a month or so.

We usually take mass transit, but we've driven a few times to Hoboken and if you're driving in, you're about to be paying a lot more money than you used to! Parking meter fees may be going higher than $3.60 an hour, if you miss your meter time and your meter runs out, the penalty may be going up 17-85% and you're living there, garages may have fees between $160 and $310 a month. WOW! All of these hikes come from City Council who feel that motorists stay in the same spot for too long and don't allow for others to park there. There apparently are also more cars on the road than there are spaces. Residents are not happy about the hikes at all and the decisions will be made at a meeting tomorrow night!

So now, my best advice to you is to take mass transit! Then you won't have to deal with these parking issues and you can have as many mimosas at a boozy brunch as you want!

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