If you plan on attending a Phillies game this year, you might notice something a little bit different at the stadium.

Well directly behind the Citizens Bank Park has always stood the Stadium Holiday Inn has on Packer Avenue. The hotel has been there since 1974! Longer than the stadiun itself has even been there. Well, the hotel is currently in the process of being torn down. But that's because something bigger and better will take its place in 2020.

Cordish Companies just announced that they have plans to open a casino. It's going to be called  Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia and will be built by the same developer that made Infinity Live!

Originally the Stadium Holiday Inn was supposed to stay no matter what. They had plans to make it apart of the new casino. However, according to OnTheBandwagon, Cordish determined that its positioning would have prevented them from constructing a large open casino floor.

This is super exciting! Who plans on visiting?

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