Home shopping can be so very hard. Trust me, I know. There is a new home about to hit the market, but the builders are about to surprise you. There is a student-built home getting ready that is going up for sale in Bucks County! 

According to Patch, a  two-story house built by students from the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology just hit the market.  When I first heard about this, I thought that they meant it was built from Legos, or maybe even gingerbread. Never did I think that students actually built an entire home!

This beautiful home has four bedrooms, one full bathroom, a half bath, a kitchen, dining room, living room, family room and laundry room. Did I mention that it’s also ready- to -move- in? I think that is one of the greatest parts!

My biggest concern was how long the house would actually uphold its build.  According to Patch, the new home was built by MBIT (Middle Bucks Institute of Technology) students in a residential construction carpentry class,  who worked collaboratively with students in the Computerized Drafting & Engineering Graphics, HVAC/Plumbing Technology and Electrical Technology programs. Basically, the house is good to go and should not fall apart!  

You do have to be a little patient. The house is not set to hit the actual market until Tuesday, March 2, at 4 p.m, during a live Zoom meeting. It will be a bidding war, where the price will start at $140,00, which is very cheap, and the house will go to the highest bidder!

I’m really curious to know how much the house will sell for. Would you buy this home? Let me know! 



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