The annual Memorial Day Parade in Hopewell has been canceled for 2021, due to the ongoing pandemic, according to the Hopewell Fire Department's Facebook page.

The long standing tradition was also canceled in 2020, along with most public events. I'm sure most people thought the parade would only need to be canceled for one year (2020) and next year we'd be back to normal, but, sadly that's just not the case.

The Hopewell Fire Department President, Ali Myers, posted, "The Hopewell Fire Department is deeply saddened to share that this year's Hopewell Memorial Day Parade is canceled. Like you, we are very upset about this, but unfortunately, it is beyond our control and we must follow the direction of our local authorities. The committee was very creative in adjustments to our typical event, however despite the presented alternative plans, a variety of concerns arose that prohibit us from moving forward with the planning of this year’s parade. We are hopeful that you will celebrate the holiday weekend in your own way, and honor the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you and be safe."

I'm wondering if this means other area towns will follow suit. The Hamilton St. Patrick's Day parade was canceled once again this year last month, so will they go ahead with their big Memorial Day Parade next month? We'll see. Lawrence Township has a Memorial Day Parade each year, and I've heard that it may be on again this year. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

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