Ugh. I found out some disappointing news from a Lawrence Township, NJ Community Facebook group.

Tastee Sub Shop in Lawrence Township is closing its doors for good on Wednesday (July 3rd).

If it's your favorite place for a hoagie, you'd better get in there one last time before it closes.


Donte Bastian, the manager of the store, gave the reason for the closure in a Facebook post, addressing the community.

Bastian said, "As some of you may know Tastee Sub Shop will be closing down over the next couple of weeks. The owner of the shop got sick a couple of years back and during his recovery process he was unable to come in and run the store. There's nothing we can do about the closure but what we can do is pray and hope that him and his family do well after the shop closes."

Many locals were shocked and saddened by the news. They aren't looking forward to finding a new place for a good hoagie. That may sound silly to you, but, it's not easy.

Giant Turkey Hoagie
Lisa F. Young

When Bossio's Deli in Lawrence (close to Tastee) closed several years ago because the owners were retiring, I was devastated. Where would I get an Italian Hoagie as good as Bossio's?

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I have to be honest, nothing since has measured up. I find myself bouncing around Mercer County trying my go-to Italian hoagie at different shops, looking for a suitable replacement.

I liked the hoagies at Briarwood Deli in Hamilton but then that also closed for good.

Lately, I've taken a liking to the new place on Main Street in Lawrenceville...Lawrenceville Sandwich Shop. It has the potential to be my new favorite.

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Once again, Tastee Sub Shop in Lawrence is closing for good on Wednesday, July 3

It's located at 1161 Lawrenceville Road in Lawrence Township, NJ.

There are two other Tastee Sub Shop locations if you find yourself truly missing your favorite sandwiches...Edison and Franklin Park.

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