Represent! Hopewell resident, Kian Barry, who is also a history teacher at Princeton High School, will be a contestant on Jeopardy next week.

Barry's appearance will begin on October 4th, according to the show. I'm excited to see a local star.  In fact, I used to watch Jeopardy all the time when I lived at home because my parents never miss an episode.

How did Barry get on the show? Well, he took an online test (which is only offered once a year),  then he had to succeed in a mock Jeopardy game, and was interviewed for the show. That's a long process, right?

Barry actually went through the process twice apparently before getting picked for the show.

As these things typically go, Barry already knows how he did on the show. It's a secret because it was filmed back in July. So he signed a non-disclosure agreement, and can't say a word.

So it's cool that we have a local guy competing. You can watch him Thursday, October 4th, 7pm, on ABC.

Good luck, Kian! We'll be watching.

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