Houlihan's in the Mercer Mall has officially closed for good. Their last day of operations was yesterday (November 11), according to a post shared on their Facebook page.

Matt and I just went to Houlihan's in the Mercer Mall last week and had delicious food and great service, so this is a sad article for me to post.

It's also sad since I was employed at this Houlihan's location for two years while I attended Rider University and another two years when Matt and I moved in together back in 2015. I spent four years at this location working with amazing people and as of yesterday, this location is now closed.

The restaurant said in their Facebook post that they were trying to find places for their employees to relocate, hopefully, they do. I knew people who have worked there for a very long time.

If you're a big fan of their food, there are other Houlihan's locations for you to visit, but you may have take a little drive out of Mercer County.

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