Mega Millions Fever has hit the U.S. as the current jackpot is a record-setting $1.6 billion. Here's everything you need to know about tonight's drawing:

When will the drawing be held?

According to, the drawing will take place in Atlanta tonight at 11 pm.

How late can you buy a ticket in New Jersey and Pennsylvania? says tickets can be purchased up until 15 minutes before the drawing (10:45 pm in NJ & PA), but from personal experience, that time is not completely accurate.

In fact, some retailers stop selling tickets earlier than others.

For example, the ShopRite in Hainesport, NJ stops selling tickets at 8 pm.

Even the automated kiosks, like the ones inside or Wawa's, can experience issues selling tickets too close to the drawing, so if you want to play, you should probably shouldn't wait until 10:45 pm to get a ticket.

Can I buy Mega Millions tickets online?

In some states, yes. However, we're sorry to say that you can not by Mega Millions tickets online in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Where can you find the winning numbers?

The winning numbers will be posted here.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

USA Today asked Chris O'Byrne, a management information systems lecturer at San Diego State University, who said that the odds of winning were 302,575,350 to 1.

In comparison, National Geographic says the odds of getting struck by lightning in the U.S. is about 700,000 to 1.

What could you buy if you win the jackpot? says you could "buy Michael Jackson's estate [$23.9 Million], Britney Spears' mansion [$2.9 million], Madonna's Beverly Hills mansion [$28 million], Jerry Seinfeld's Colorado estate [$18 million] and Michael Jordan's Chicago-area estate [$29 million]" AND STILL have a ton of money remaining.

Is this the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever?

Yes.  USA Today says prior to this, the biggest Mega Millions jackpot was $656 million in 2012.  By the way, in 2016, the PowerBall jackpot hit $1.6 billion, the largest jackpot ever in the U.S.

Good luck tonight!

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