In case you haven't heard (or are living under a rock), the Mega Millions jackpot is at a whopping $1.6 billion for tonight.  Can you imagine? If you take the lump sum, you're still winning about $905 million. I wouldn't complain.

So I did some research to see if there are any strategies I should follow, and look what I found on CBS Chicago: there are actually some Mega Millions numbers that drawn more common than others. This is based on the past 102 drawings, so there's some statistical analysis behind it:

Are you ready?

The most commonly drawn numbers are 1, 2, 28, 70 14, 17, 42.

The number 1 has been chosen 18 times
The numbers 2, 28, and 70 have been chosen 12 times
The numbers 14, 17, and 42 have been drawn 11 times.

[CBS Chicago]

Of course, now you need the Mega ball too, right?

The most common Mega Ball is 22 or 9 (both were drawn 7 times).

So, when heading to the store to get your tickets for tonight's record drawing, keep this in mind.

Now, on the flip side: we found the least common numbers to be drawn over the past 102 drawings as well.

Ready for it?

The least common numbers are: 50, 63, 57, 36, 09. In fact, the number 50 has only been chosen twice (the others on that list came up three times). By the way, the least common Mega Ball number is 5.

[CBS Chicago]

Of course, good luck tonight! You'll know I won if you don't hear me on the air tomorrow morning.

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