I watched my first episode of Too Hot to Handle last night.

To summarize the premise of the show, the producers went out and found a group of very attractive 20-somethings. In addition to being single, they are more than ready to mingle. In fact, one common thread among all of them is that they all have a history of being a little too "open for business" with anyone and everyone that fits their fancy.

The group shows up at an island paradise resort thinking they are going to be appearing on a hedonistic-type of reality show. That's when the plot twist happens. Any and all intimate contact is strictly prohibited – including kissing. If you picture five shirtless dudes romping around with five bikini clad women, you are on the right track.

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There was a certain level of shame I felt watching this show. I literally had my finger over the power button, ready to shut it off in anyone walked into the room.

After I finished Season 1, Episode 1, I quickly changed to a more mainstream show. Then, I realized that the show was appearing in my "recently viewed" list. As soon as my kids signed on, they'd wonder what this new show was all about.

I panicked and went to work to find out how to delete items from your recently viewed list.

The first thing you need to do is access your Netflix account on your laptop or desktop computer. Once you are logged in, select "Account," then open your profile and click on "Viewing Activity." Go to the circle with the line through it to the far right of the title you want to hide.

Here's the only bad news: it could take up to 24 hours for the title to disappear from your recently viewed list, so viewer beware.

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