It's that time of year when it seems like everybody you know is coming down with a cold or flu. It only takes one person in the office to catch a cold or flu for it to spread like wildfire. With the cold and flu season in full force, here are some ways to prevent getting sick.

Staying Hydrated: 

Hydration is key when avoiding a cold or flu, and especially after you come down with it. According to Everyday Health, drinking  hot lemon water is a good way to help yourself feel better once you are sick.

I've had a cold all week (sorry co-workers) and I've been drinking a secret item on the Starbucks menu that incorporates this hot lemon water.

The "Medicine Ball" is a perfect way to treat a cold, and is currently saving my life.


Zicam contains Zinc, which helps prevents colds from it's onset and shortens your cold if you already have it. I've been eating the gummies like candy.

Vitamin C 

Emergen-C is my best friend, we are going to spend all weekend together.


Dayquil, Sudafed are my favorite, but here is a list of suggested decongestants from WebMD

Saltwater Gargling 

Is always a good way to help sooth a sore throat.

Binge Watching Netflix 

Netflix, Emergen-C and CHILL. Chilling is the most important thing to do when sick. Stress makes things a whole lot worse when you are sick. Take it easy and make this an excuse to stay in bed forever.








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