I've seen a bunch of people posting on Facebook about this iPhone hack that people are probably not aware of and I had to check it out. Well, first I thought it was a joke and I was going to do something to affect my phone, but then when. saw lots of people post about it, I had to check it out. So I did some research and I am amazed. Instead of take a screenshot on your iPhone by holding down both side buttons, you can just tap the Apple on the outside of the phone. I know it seems like something that is too good to be true, so I Googled it and found various articles including this one from Mirror that supports the viral post.

You MUST update your phone software to the new iOS 14, because that's where this new hack that they are calling Back Tap will be. You're not going to be able to do it if you don't have the latest iOS software. Once all your settings are complete, you'll be able to take a screenshot just by tapping the Apple on the outside of your phone.

Below is the post I saw circulating around my Facebook world. It shows step by step screen shot instructions on how to get your iPhone to take a screen shot by just tapping the Apple on the outside.

For more info and get written step by step instructions on Back Tap, check out this article from Mirror.

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