So in the season of giving I was trying to reflect on how I can love the people around me. I was really thinking of what I can do to be a blessing in the lives of the ones that I love.

For me I found it beneficial to pay attention to peoples love languages.... do they like material they like words of affirmation...physical touch...what would they value as a gift? Because I want to give everyone something that will mean something to them.

So maybe this year instead of getting all 5 of your best friends purses or all 3 of your guy friends ex boxes gift cards or whatever...think a little harder as to what type of person they are and what will show them how much you value them.

For someone it could be a purse, but that other best friend might not care about material things. Maybe to them just a simple movie and a nice dinner with you is all they need.

So again, pay attention to peoples love languages this holiday season and your gifts will go a long way.

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