When you say you want to live in New Jersey, the first thing they ask for is your Springsteen fan club card. Or at least it seems that way.

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Bruce Springsteen has millions of fans all over the globe, but there is no doubt the highest concentration of fans is here in his home state. He has written about New Jersey, he has sung about New Jersey, and for many fans, he pretty much is New Jersey.

This news is not going to be popular in the Garden State. Bruce has made another top 10 list, but this time, it's not something he's going to want to put on his resume.

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It turns out that one of the most popular Bruce Springsteen songs has made a list that no songs want to be on, and no songwriters want to see their songs on.

It turns out Bruce Springsteen is overrated. Well, more specifically, at least one of his songs is, according to one website.

The song in question is Born In The U.S.A., a song that often gets mistaken for a patriotic song when it is not. It's more complicated than that, just like most Bruce songs.

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It was, however, a huge hit for Bruce in the '80s. It made Billboard's Top 10, peaking at #9 in January of 1985.

The website Espresso Communications, however, has named Born In The USA as one of the most overrated songs ever, according to MSN Entertainment. Ever. Ouch.

The site claims it should make the list just because it is so often mistaken as a patriotic song, but also alludes to the fact that no one gets it because no one hears it anymore. Ouch again.

It may not be the patriotic song some people think it is. You may not agree with what it's saying, or maybe you do. In my opinion, none of that should qualify it as overrated. Certainly not one of the most overrated songs in history. That's a stretch.

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