A very serious accident involving an overturned vehicle has shut down parts of I-295 in our area, as of 5 pm Wednesday evening.

94.5 PST traffic is reporting that an overturned vehicle on I-295 Northbound bound is closed between exit 57 and Exit 60.

6ABC is now reporting that 16 people were injured in the crash, which appeared to involve a white passenger van. Television footage shows a heavily damaged passenger van had hit the guardrail.

Several other vehicles appeared to be involved in the crash, however, via 6ABC's helicopter footage. the extent of the injuries was not immediately clear.

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That's quite a delay. Exit 57 is the exit for US-130 and Exit 60 is the exit for I-195/NJ-29/NJ-129.

Traffic in the White Horse section of Hamilton Township is at a standstill right now as a result of the accident. Traffic in Bordentown is also very heavy at this time.

By the way, the New Jersey Turnpike is the suggested alternate route if you're heading northbound.

Traffic is also backed up on the southbound side of the roadway, as you can imagine. Police activity is blocking two lanes between Arena Drive (exit #61) and I-195 (Exit 60).


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